Future for Bweya's Children e.V.

A German Charity supports a Ugandan children's home

Collaboration in the Charity

Admittedly, we cannot offer paid full-time positions. Our budget is too small for this, as every euro donated should benefit the children who are cared for by Children Safe Uganda.

On the other hand, we also have tasks to perform that cost time and energy. And there are fewer and fewer employees who are regularly committed to these tasks and have to carry more and more burdens. If it is to be possible to continue running the association in the future, we need practical support.

If you are interested in joining, please contact the board members.

Here are the areas of responsibility where we need help the most:

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
For all matters concerning the finances of the association, we need a person with basic knowledge of accounting.
The treasurer is a member of the executive board. Willingness to communicate with the association on an ongoing basis through mandatory attendance at board meetings, general meetings, association birthdays and other events, as well as regular email contact with the other board members is the most important requirement.
In addition, the CFO is the liaison person to external partners such as banking institution, tax advisor, tax office, etc. that are necessary for the operational handling of financial tasks.
Abgesehen von wenigen monatlichen Aufgaben erfolgt die Durchführung der Buchhaltung grundsätzlich in vierteljährlichen Abständen. Hierzu gehören die Verbuchung der Kontoauszüge, Durchführung der Lastschrifteinzüge und Überweisungen an die ugandische Partnerorganisation Children Safe Uganda sowie andere Gläubiger. Jeweils am Anfang des Jahres sollte der Kassenwart über ausreichende Zeitkapazität verfügen, um den Jahresabschluss zu erstellen, prüfen zu lassen und die Spendenbescheinigungen zu versenden.
Englischkenntnisse wären wünschenswert.
Future for Bweya's Children e.V. has its own software as well as staff to assist with routine tasks.

The secretary is responsible for invitations to and taking notes of general meetings as well as board meetings. In the board he has the status of an assessor without executive responsibility.
The tasks also include the formulation of fundamental documents such as changes in the statutes, guidelines, contracts.
Die Bereitschaft zur fortlaufenden Kommunikation mit dem Verein durch verbindliche Teilnahme an den Vorstandssitzungen, Mitgliederversammlungen, Vereinsgeburtstagen und anderen Veranstaltungen, sowie der regelmäßige E-Mail-Kontakt mit den übrigen Vorstandsmitgliedern ist die wichtigste Voraussetzung.

Public Relations Manager
As Public Relations Manager you are responsible for the public relations of the association. This includes the creation and editing of the website and the newsletter, as well as contact with the press, radio, television, etc.

Event Manager
As Event Manager, you are responsible for organizing the club's events as well as the club's appearances at larger events. You are responsible for the booking of rooms, decoration, catering, etc. and thus decisively shape the external effect of the event.

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