Future for Bweya's Children e.V.

A German Charity supports a Ugandan children's home



The Bweya Children's Home was founded in 1968 by the Ugandan couple Christopher and Irene Mukasa and built up with the help of German donations. For various reasons, the support had to be discontinued in the 1980s. Despite the difficult conditions, the orphanage has continued to operate until the present day. Zukunft für Bweyas Kinder e.V." (Future for Bweya's Children) was founded on 10 September 2011 in Bad Segeberg as a charitable association for the "Bweya Children's Home International" (BCHI, now "Children Safe Uganda"/CSU) in Uganda. The then four-member board of the association drafted the present mission statement. It is intended to serve as an orientation and to promote the identification of all members with the association.


We understood that children without the support of a family are the most vulnerable members of society.
In addition we understood that every child needs an opportunity for economic, social, physical, psychological and spiritual development.
Furthermore we understood that caring for homeless children in Uganda requires financial resources that cannot be covered by local donors.
Our vision is that Children Safe Uganda will be able to meet these challenges through our support.


We want to support Children Safe Uganda in ensuring the basic needs of the children's home by guaranteeing to cover the running costs of school fees, food and staff salaries.
We want to promote the renovation of the residential buildings and the improvement of security and infrastructure. This includes, among other things, fencing the site and optimising the supply of water and electricity.
We want to help people to help themselves and thus strive for the economic independence of the children's home, e.g. by financing special purpose enterprises in the fields of services, handicrafts and agriculture.

Fields of action

We support the core work of Children Safe Uganda at Bweya Children's Home, which is to care for orphans.
We see our special task in the provision of financial resources, which we raise through membership and sponsorship fees as well as through contacts with companies willing to donate.
We ensure the efficient and effective use of the funds.
We also offer practical assistance on the ground if our African partners see it as a useful addition to their work. We monitor the efficient and effective use of funds.
We also offer practical work on the ground if our African partners see it as a useful addition to their work.


Human Image
We feel bound to a Christian image of humanity, characterised by compassion, charity, human dignity, mutual respect, righteousness and unselfishness.

We treat each other with respect, appreciation, consideration and mutual respect and take into account the special abilities of the individual when distributing the various tasks.TransparencyWe do our work in such a way that it can be checked at any time. We make clear decisions and document our results.

We ensure that we carry out tasks on time and with high quality standards. We stand by our statements and tasks and pursue them consistently.

We are a reliable and consistent partner. We communicate with each other and with our Ugandan partners on an equal footing. We constantly learn from each other and work together in a spirit of trust.

Efficiency and economy
We use our resources for important tasks. We avoid wasting time and money on unimportant things.

The safety of everyone associated with us is important to us. We handle confidential information responsibly.

Our communication channels are clearly defined and comprehensible. We designate clear contact persons. We promote communication among ourselves and avoid partiality.

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