Future for Bweya's Children e.V.

A German Charity supports a Ugandan children's home


I manage it, step by step.

"I can do it, step by step." Mukisa Peter says. Peter Mukisa has been living in Bweya orphanage since 2018. At that time, police officers from the Kajjansi police brought him

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Covid-19 Situation in Uganda

While industrialised nations can still cushion the economic consequences of the Corona pandemic relatively well, people in developing countries are confronted with existential concerns: Jobs and income

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Liebe Freunde, Mitglieder und Unterstützer! Wie Ihr wisst, unterstützt unser Verein Zukunft für Bweyas Kinder e.V. seit 2011 in der Kleinstadt Bweya nahe der ugandischen

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