Future for Bweya's Children e.V.

A German Charity supports a Ugandan children's home

I manage it, step by step.

I can do it, step by step." Mukisa Peter says.

Peter Mukisa has been living in the orphanage in Bweya since 2018. At that time, police officers from the Kajjansi Police Station, Child and Family Protection Unit, brought him in. He was found in a swamp area not far from a shopping centre.

When Peter arrived he was just 2 years old and neither able to speak nor to walk. After almost 3 years of life, the little boy is making great progress. He impresses everyone with the speed at which he learns new things.

Peter is a good observer, often watches the employees and their children and learns a lot. Just recently he wanted to help peel potatoes, he wanted to learn how to do it.

We here at Children Safe Uganda thank God for empowering us to make a positive difference in the lives of these children. Thank you Future for Bweya's Children for your support.

In the picture, Peter is helping the housemother peel potatoes.

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