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From Bweya to Mubende as a cattle farmer

From Bweya to Mubende as a cattle farmer "A story aboutIsaac Atekateka's reintegration".

Isaac came into the care of Children Safe Uganda in 2014. At the age of 8 months, the little boy was abandoned by his mother. His grandparents had tried in vain to find his parents and finally turned to Bweya Children Home (BCH) for help.

After almost 7 years at BCH, Isaac was reintegrated into his family at the beginning of 2020. He now lives with his family in Mubende, about 200 kilometres from the capital Kampala.

A little boy's dream to be part of a family tradition and to raise cattle, that's what he always prayed for, nothing else Isaak wanted to do in his life. Cattle rearing is the livelihood for many families in this region of Uganda.

This opportunity arose during the lockdown and school closures when Isaak was bought a young bull through a "family support programme", which he now looks after. If cows could talk, this one would say "thank you very much". Whether it is raining or the sun is shining, Isaak takes care of his cow around the clock.

Isaac has developed a passion for cattle, talks to them as if they were human friends and sometimes has to be reminded to eat himself. He dreams of owning more cattle. "Owning more cattle means owning more and being happier because of it," he says.


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