Dear friends, members and supporters of ZBK!

Today we would like to share a meaningful message with you. As many of you know, there is a place near the village Bweya which is close to Uganda’s capital Kampala, which is called “home” by around 100 orphan children since 2009: Bweya Children’s Home. Our main mission is to make education available to these children. Furthermore, we are aiming at further vocational training to prepare these young kids for a sustainable, independent future. Bweya Children’s Home was found by Christopher and Irene Mukasa in 1968 aided by German friends. Since the 1980ies the children’s home had to operate without constant aid from abroad. This period was shaped by increasing bottlenecks. Bweya Children’s Home is part of the NGO Children Safe Uganda, which is managed by Moses Ssebaggala since 2009.

Our German charity association (Future for Bweya’s Children; ZBK) was found in 2011 and aims to sustainably secure the basic needs of children who live in the Bweya Children’s Home. These include primarily the areas of food, shelter, education and health.

Future for Bweya’s Children works on a voluntary basis and can therefore guarantee 100% of the donations are spent in Uganda. The expansion and maintenance of our work is only possible with the involvement of our members (admittedly, we cannot offer paid full-time positions). Through hard, committed work our founders were able to establish this association and support. After many years of commitment, much invested time and effort, our chairman Rainer Finken and his wife Ruth as responsible for our sponsorships decided to dedicate their energy to new paths. At this point again: Many thanks and all the best to our previous board members!

The two resignations open the opportunity to support our charity work as a board member in the following areas:

  • Treasurer – handling all finance-relevant activities.
  • Secretary – responsible for transcripts in meetings, as well as for changes in statutes, guidelines or contracts
  • Expert IT / Digital – responsible for the design of our online presence
  • Responsible public relations (cooperation) – conception and further development of partnerships (schools, sponsors, members, etc.)

We would like to take a journey with our new team to fantastic, colorful, cheerful and radiant Africa soon! Anyone who gets an impression of our work on site, who sees the children in the Bweya Children’s Home will understand the value, which arises from our efforts in Germany.

Are you interested in more information or do you want to support the children’s home? Please contact us for details about the roles you are interested in or visit our website: www.zbk-ev.de. We look forward to your messages, sharing or any hints.

Stay healthy, best regards!

Nico Schumann

Chairman (interim) Zukunft für Bweyas Kinder e.V.

Email: nico.schumann@zbk-ev.de

Tel.: +491726336333